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iHempire was founded by Josi and Hannah Young, and Jerimy and Sandi Craig. Being involved in the holistic health industry for over 30 years, not only for humans, but for horses and pets, and incorporating CBD into another product line, we saw the benefits firsthand. We began for the simple reason that we wanted to help individuals feel their best without compromising their bodies. With history as a professional rodeo athlete and working in the supplement business, we have run into many injuries and illnesses and believe in a natural more holistic way of supporting and maintaining optimal health. Our goal is to spread our knowledge to you, and provide the highest of quality products, and in return provide a better quality of life.

What Clients Say

So I’ll start by saying I’ve worked in highly stressful work situations all hours of the day for the last 35 years. Never has there been a product that I’ve encountered that gives a real sense of calmness and focus. Now during this last chaotic year of covid-19, career and private life, I only wish I’d know about iHempire Broad Sectrum Hemp Tincture(1600mg CBD) during those earlier years. I still have much more in the tank to spend with family and friends after a long day.
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Patty Rockstshi
I will start with this “product works”. I have reordered 3 times. We deal with clients that have been in Sirius auto accidents many have uncontrollable pain the drops of health take the pain away and make it manageable without medication. The salve in addition to the drops are all awesome.
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Patty Rockstshi

Benefits of CBD

CBD helps to regulate the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) found in humans which is attributed to regulating brain function, mood, immune response, sleep, inflammation, stress and pain. CBD binds to cell receptors to moderate signaling and flow of other chemicals for a wide range of positive effects.



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